iPads at Bass

We are about to start our second year with a 1:1 iPad situation at Bass Memorial Academy. Last year there was a little learning curve (mostly for the faculty!) but I think the iPads were totally awesome tool. Benefits we saw:

Communication increased at least 10 fold between faculty and students

Less confusion about schedule (which teams playing intramurals, where weekend activities held, etc.) because a PDF was sent out each week.

Students had no excuse to not be working on homework, they always had their textbooks and notes with them!

With awesome apps with built in tutorials the students can get a refresher without a tutor or teacher accessible.

Being able to highlight and write in books without fear of having to sell it for less money.

Textbooks are wayyyy cheaper, and have free updates

Learners are more engaged inside and outside of class.

Apps we use:

Iannotate PDF – for textbooks saved as PDF, highly markable

Pages, keynote, numbers

Istudies pro- digital assignment book

HMH fuse – math textbooks

Khan academy – this is new on iPad this year and we are VERY excited about the possibilities. What the TED talk Salman Khan gave about turning education upside down.

EGW app which includes a KJV Bible

Sabbal school app requires wifi, so we started emailing the PDF of the quarterly to the students to study for that week even when wifi is off.

Notability- I can use iPad as white board, project to screen, and then email the class the notes afterward. Great for students who take notes and miss out on what was covered, and students that missed class.

I could go on and on, just reply if you have any specific questions, or attend the seminar by our principal Phil Wilhelm at the NAD meeting 🙂